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Theme Uploading Using CPanel

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Theme Uploading Using CPanel | How to Upload WordPress Theme with CPanel | CPanel Theme Uploading. Learn how to upload your theme using cPanel. Sometime get errors during theme uploading using WordPress dashboard. Then we can resolve that issue using WordPress cPanel. You can upload theme using cPanel as following.

Complete Procedure for Theme Uploading Using CPanel

  1. First of all you will login to your WordPress cPanel.
  2. Click on file manager after successful login to your cPanel dashboard.
  3. Then you will reach a webpage that would contain different file and folders along with your websites folders (if you have multiple websites in your hosting).
  4. Click on your desired website in which you want to upload your theme
  5. If you have only one website in your hosting then you will open public_html folder.
  6. Then in public_html you will find wp-content folder, open that folder.
  7. In wp-content folder your will find ” theme ” folder. Double click to open that folder.
  8. Now when you are in theme folder, then you will click on ” UPLOAD ” in menu list.
  9. A window will open then click on ” upload file ” that will redirect you to your computer/laptop drive.
  10. Select you desired them ” zip file “.
  11. After successful uploading of your theme you will redirect to your theme folder.
  12. Right click on your theme zip file and extract in theme folder.

Now everything is completed and your theme would be visible in WordPress dashboard themes list that you can find in appearance option

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