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SED Lesson Plan of Preposition for Grade 3| English Lesson Planing

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SED Preposition Lesson Plan for Grade 3| English Lesson Planing. Get complete methodology for the preparation of lesson plan. Obtain full technique that the right way to create an english lesson plan on the subject of preposition.

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SED Punjab
SED Punjab

Faculty Training Division

Class: 3
Unit: 10
Matter: Prepositions Length: 40 Mints


Pupil will have the ability to: Acknowledge the use of some phrases displaying place

A/V Aids:

Board ,Chalk/ Pointer, white board marker textbook, duster


Exercise based mostly educating.

Prior Data

Questions the scholars to get their perceive of subject

The place are you sitting ?
Reply can be ‘on the chair / on the ground’.


Ask the scholars the next questions to introduce the idea of prepositions and be aware the responses of the scholars on the board.

The place is your guide?
Reply can be ‘on the desk or within the bag’.
Inform them that the phrase “in” is a preposition which tells the place of the ‘noun’ guide.

The place is the duster?
Reply can be ‘in my hand/on the desk’.
Clarify how the phrases “on”, “in” are telling the place of nouns.

• Stand behind a scholar and ask the category:
The place am I standing?
Reply can be ‘behind Ali / Alisha’ and so forth.


a. Write the next sentences on the board.
b. Divide the scholars into pairs.
c. Ask them to fill within the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

Preposition Financial institution (in, behind, on, below)

  • He’s standing behind the category.
  • M cat is sitting below the chair.
  • Hey, you have got a bee sitting in your shoulder!
  • She works in a manufacturing facility.

(The exercise has been solved for the assistance of the trainer).


✓ Ask the scholars to make use of preposition: in, on, below and behind in their very own sentences.

✓ Remind them that if a guide is below the desk and so they search for it on the desk, they are going to by no means discover it. That’s the reason prepositions are very essential. With out them it will be very tough to seek out something.


Ask college students to put in writing the place they hold the next issues at house.

  1. Toys (within the basket)
  2. Bag (on the desk)
  3. Garments (within the suitcase / wardrobe)
  4. Footwear (below the mattress)
  5. Hairbrush (on the dressing desk)
  6. Dustbin ( behind the door)

House Work:

Give sentences to college students to make use of prepositions ‘ below’, “in” and ‘ on’ in sentences.

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