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SED E Transfer POLICY 2022

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SED E Transfer POLICY 2022. GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB, SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, Dated Lahore the 27 April 2022. In supersession of Notification No. SO(Estt)3-4/2005, dated 9.3.2021, the Competent Authority/Chief Minister has been pleased to approve the Transfer Policy – 2022, Special Education Department, with immediate effect.

The teaching staff, allied professionals and non-teaching staff may be posted anywhere in Punjab against their cadre posts No officer/official shall claim posting against a particular post or station as a matter of right. There shall be post specific merit-based criteria for every vacant post.

Minimum tenure of three years shall be observed. The request for the transfer of a teacher and allied professional shall be entertained during summer and winter vacations each year through e-portal. No transfer shall be made except against the vacant post.

1. The post-specific criteria for posting/transfer is as follows:

Sr. No.  Category              Marks

  • Service In far-flung area (30 marks)
  • Wedlock (20 marks)
  • Compassionate grounds (20 marks)
  • Disability (30 marks)

2. (I) Service in far-flung area (Maximum Marks = 30

The marks shall be awarded on yearly basis in accordance with the distance (one side) as given below:

  1. up to 25 km (No marks)
  2. from 26 to 50 km (2 marks per year)
  3. from 51 to 100 km (3 marks per Year)
  4. from 101 km and beyond (5 marks per year)

A complete one year shall be considered for awarding of marks and no marks shall be awarded for first three years after recruitment or promotion.

II) Wedlock (Maximum Marks = 20

  1. All claims for transfer on wedlock basis, when both husband and wife are Government servants, shall be subject to availability of the post; production of Micah Nama; and certificate Issued by the respective department.
  2. The applicant shall be eligible to get 20 marks if he /
  3. No marks for wedlock shall be awarded if both husband and wife are placed within same district.

Iii) Compassionate grounds (Maximum Marks = 20

  1. If the male applicant is widower and the female applicant is a widow or divorced, he/she shall get 20 marks subject to production of death/ divorce certificate and no marriage certificate, as the case may be; or
  2. If the applicant has child/children suffering from severe Illness / disability and that Illness / disability Is verified by the medical specialist and countersigned by concerned Medical Superintendent of the relevant district; or If the spouse of an applicant (whether applicant Is disabled or not) is suffering from severe illness / disability and that illness/disability is verified by the medical specialist or Standing Medical Board and countersigned by concerned Medical Superintendent of the relevant district and he/she produces Disability Certificate, then the applicant shall get 20 marks.

3. (iv) Disability (Maximum Marks = 30

The disability for the purpose shall be counted that hinders mobility. A disabled applicant shall get 30 marks subject to production of disability certificate from the Standing Medical Board.

SED eTransfer Policy 2022
SED E Transfer Policy 2022

Note I:  In case of tie of marks, the preference shall be given tosenior most applicant and seniority shall be determined as per rules/policies of the Government of the Punjab In vogue.

Note II: All claims Including wedlock, compassionate grounds, disability and others are subject to availability of vacancy and cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

4. (I) There shall be no ban on the transfers/postings of the following posts, throughout the year: class-IV employees / non-teaching / clerical staff and administrative posts i.e., Director(s), Deputy Director(s), Assistant Director(s), District Education Officer (Special Education), Deputy District Education (Special education) and Principal / Headmaster / Headmistress.

(II)          There shall be no ban on the transfers/positions made on the following grounds, throughout the year:

  1. Employees awaiting posting on return from long leave of any kind, after availing full leave, at least for 90 days or deputation or suspension from service etc., another fresh appointment made on the recommendations of Punjab Public Service of Selection Board/Committee or demotion, as the case may be.
  2. Mutual transfers and transfers made on administrative grounds coupled with the Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline and Accountability A, 2006.
  3. Transfer of employees suffering from terminal illness subject to production of Medical Certificate by the Standing Medical Board. In case of absence of Standing Medical Boards, the medical certificates issued by authorized medial officers shall be admissible.
  4. On rectification of erratic posting and adjustment of erratically posted person to matching post in his/her cadre.
  5. Officers/officials shall be given choice of posting for last two years of the age of superannuation. This choice shall be either for the station or for the post, but not for both. The authority competent to make a•• transfer order shall, Section Officer far as possible, honour the choice of the officers/officials but shall not be bound to do so. In particular, lucrative appointments shall not be given, especially to officers/officials of ill repute.

Provided that the tenure of the posting of an officer against the posts of Director, District Education Officer/ Deputy Director, Assistant Director, all teaching, non-teaching and allied professional posts shall normally be three years.

5. There shall be ban on the following transfers/postings:

  • Erratic postings/adjustments.
  • On loan basis from one place or institution to the other, or temporary duty or attachment with officers or offices, except that In case of a Primary School/Centre wherein all female teaching staff is on maternity leave or school Is closed In Rural Areas.
  • In case of Head of the Institution, transfer shall not be made without a substitute.
  • In case of a school with single teacher, transfer shall not be made without a substitute.
  • No transfer shall be made on disciplinary or administrative grounds except coupled with inquiry under the Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline and Accountability Act 2006.

6. Transfer of the contract employees shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the Contract Appointment Policy, 2004.

7. Mutual transfer shall be allowed by the Competent Authority subject to the condition that both the candidates are in the same discipline/ subject/ post/ scale. The Transferring Authority shall,

However, verify the consent in writing of the employees willing for mutual transfer.

8. All requests for transfer shall be entertained only If submitted through proper channel on e-portal (where applicable) and In case e-portal Is not available or out of order, then manual applications may also be entertained for transfer.

9. All teaching, non-teaching staff and allied professionals who have the longest tenure at the same station shall be transferred on rotation basis, according to criteria approved by Secretary Special Education Department from time to time.

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