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Pronoun Lesson Planning of English for Grade 3.

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Pronoun Lesson Planning of English for Grade 03. – SED is now paying nice consideration for the standard of schooling in all private and non-private colleges of Punjab. On this regard SED Punjab has issued orders for preparation of lesson plans earlier than supply of lesson to the scholars.

Right here you’re going to get full and complete methodology of English pronoun lesson plan writing.

Grade 3 Pronoun lesson plan
Grade Three Pronoun lesson plan


Class Three Topic English
Unit eight Subject Pronoun
Period 40 Mints


• Scholar will have the ability to Recall substitutions phrases learnt earlier.

• Acknowledge substitution phrases are pronouns. Indentify and use pronouns in sentences.

A/V Aids

Board, Chalk / market, textbook


Exercise primarily based educating

Prior Information

✓ Start your lesson by writing on the board the phrases ‘ completely happy”, ‘tried’, ‘hungry’ , ‘okay’, ‘sleepy’, ‘good’, ‘unhappy’.

✓ Inform the scholars “I’m completely happy”. Say this with gesture.


✓ Pronouns are phrases that take the place of nouns (widespread and correct).
✓ Private Pronouns are used instead of a standard or correct noun.
✓ Examples I, me, you, he, she, him, her, it, they, them.

✓ In English, totally different pronouns are used for masculine and female pronouns.

✓ Pronoun used for Masculine nouns are “he, Him” for female “she, her’; and for Neuter ‘it”.
✓ Keep in mind to encourage the scholars after they give the precise reply. Gently appropriate hem by repeating the proper reply if they’re flawed.

✓ Contain the scholars is fixing the issues given within the train on the finish of unit / chapter.

✓ “I, you, he, she, it, we and so they’ are topic pronouns. These are used instead of topic nouns folks, issues or animals which might be doing the motion for instance Amna /Abbas likes to play.


• Now inform the scholars that every one these pronouns (I, he, She, it, and so they) inform about the one who is doing the motion.

• Ask them which pronouns are used instead of nouns that inform us concerning the folks/issues on whom motion is finished?

• Now write the pronouns on the boards, in a field

Me, you, him, her, us, them, it

  • Now inform them, ‘me’ is used when one is speaking about oneself.
  • ‘You’ is used after we are immediately addressing or speaking to somebody. (2nd particular person)
  • ‘Him/her’ is used after we are speaking a few woman or a boy (third particular person).
  • ‘Him’ is used for a boy and ‘her’ is used for a lady.
  • ‘Us’ it used after we are speaking about ourselves and one other (1 or a couple of ).


✓ Give the scholars a fast recap by asking them examples of pronouns.

  • Ask them which pronouns inform us concerning the particular person/animals or factor that’s doing the motion and concerning the particular person/animals or skinny g on whom the motion is being completed.


  • Monitor the assigned process within the classroom to evaluate how nicely college students perceive the idea of pronouns.
  • Test the work given within the classroom (exercise 1) to evaluate the coed’s means to make use of pronouns appropriately.

House Work

Give sentences to establish pronouns in sentences.

  • Amna is a scholar she research nicely.
  • The tree is large in backyard. It’s the solely fruit tree
  • My Buddy is having fun with holidays. She is completely happy
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