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Online Rozgaar – What is HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and SQLI

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Online Rozgaar – What is HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and SQLI. This “OnlineRozgar” tutorials series is designed to teaches our jobless fellows. Here we will teach you that how you can make money online using your expertise and knowledge. I am going to start a series of tutorial for names as “onlineRozgar“.

Even if you do not have any technical you would be able to understand the working and also would be able to do online work on different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, people per Hour as well as 99 Design.

Online Rozgaar Lecture no 1

So you have to stay connected and watch complete video till end. I will also teach you that hoe to create featured account and creating GIGs and offers for different platforms.

Lecture No: 01

Lecture No: 01 OnlineRozgar tutorial, Here we will learn the following.

  • What is HTM?
  • How to use CSS?.
  • What is Java Scripting?
  • PHP old and new abbreviations?
  • How to create a webpage in HTML language?,
  • How to use bold tag, italic tag and underline tag?

Online Rozgaar Learning Programs Introduction

Online Rozgaar Lecture No – 01 Video Tutorial

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Contents of of Lecture No : 01

Topic : Basic Introduction

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language
CSS – Cascading Style Sheet
JS – Stands for – Java scripting
PHP – Old – Personal Home Page.
PHP – New – hyper text preprocessor.
MySQL – Structure Query Language
SQLI – Structure Query Language improved.

HTML Rules:

  1. HTML contains opening and closing tags.
  2. It is case-insensitive language
  3. There is no blank space detection.

Complete Coding of Lecture No : 01

<head><title> Welcome to Kaleem Content</title></head>
	<b>Here we will learn to to use <u><i>html and css</i></u> languages.
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