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Lesson Planing for SED Grade 3 English| Action Verbs

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Get Newest SED Lesson Plans – Grade Three English Matter Motion Verbs. Lecturers of all Grades can discover the whole process that Methods to write a lesson plan? Methods to cowl all features of a lesson plan in response to new standards of grade 3.

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Trainer can obtain lesson plan methodology. What are details for writing of a lesson plan. Full process of writing a lesson plan is given beneath.

grade 3 lesson plan
Grade Three lesson plan

GRADE 03 LESSON PLAN College Training Division

LESSON PLAN Class: Three Topic: English Unit: 25 Matter: Motion


Scholar will be capable to: Acknowledge doing phrases as verbs. Use motion verbs in speech and writing.

A/V Aids:

Boards, chalks / makers, charts textbook, paper chits with motion phrases written (write the motion phrases on the chits earlier than going to the classroom).


Exercise based mostly educating

Prior Data

✓ Revise the idea of motion verbs. The scholars have already executed motion verbs at school two. (see info for academics above, for verbs / motion phrases).

✓ Inform the category that they may pay a sport now. Divide the category into city groups: “Workforce A” and “ Workforce B”. Name the scholars flip by turns from each groups. Encourage completely different college students to come back forwards from every workforce on every flip.


✓ Start the lesson by clapping your fingers. Ask the entire class: what am I doing? The college students ma reply: “Clapping”.

✓ Encourage college students to offer reply in an entire sentence: “You might be clapping”.

✓ Ask the scholars: “is clapping a naming phrase/noun or an motion phrase/verb?

✓ If college students give the right reply (motion phrase / verb), encourage them by saying “ nicely executed!” or “Good!”.

✓ If college students give incorrect reply (naming phrase /noun), inform them that “Clapping” is an motion phrase/verb.


• You Divide the category into group.
• Present every group one motion verbs from the introduction exercise.
• Inform the pairs, that one college students has to make a query utilizing the motion verb. The opposite college students will reply the questions.

  • Display with an instance (Verb: Leaping, Scholar A says: “Why are you Leaping?” Scholar B Says: “ I’m leaping as a result of I’m glad”).
  • Give clear instruction. Inform the Paris that they’ve 5 minutes to arrange. Repeat directions if vital.
  •  After 5 minutes ask every pair to say their dialogues.


  • Assessment the lesson by asking the scholars questions: what are motion verb? Ask college students to offer just a few examples of motion verb.


Assess pupil’s understanding of motion verbs by way of their right responses.

Recognize college students on right reply.

9. Dwelling Work:

a) Give 5 motion verb on the board. Ask the scholars to make use of them in their very own sentences. Give this exercise as homework. Pattern motion phrases are on condition that the tip of this plan. You possibly can both give the identical verbs to the scholars or change them.

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