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How to create Table, Paragraph, Marquee and their properties

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How to create Table, Paragraph, Marquee and their properties in HTML. Lecture N0: 03. In this lecture tutorial you will learn how you can create a table in HTML, How to change table properties like its width, height as well as changing border properties in HTML.

Along with above you will also be able to play with different properties of paragraph like alignments in center and right or left. Marquee tag will be discussed in today’s lecture. In this discussion you would be able to change direction of marquee movements/ Flow from left to right, and scrollamount.

Review of Previous Lecture N0: 02

  1. What is break tag and how we can use them.
  2. What is paragraph tag and its uses.
  3. How to defines headings in HTML.
  4. How to use Heading tag.
  5. What is listing and Types of Listing tag.
    1.Ordered list
    2.un-ordered list
  6. What is marquee tag, How to use marquee.

Today’s Lecture No: 03 agenda

  1. How to create table in HTML.
  2. How to create rows and column.
  3. setting up properties of a table in html.
  4. Paragraph Alignment (“center”, “right”).
  5. marquee properties(direction, scrollamount, behaviour).
  6. How to add images in HTML.

Complete Coding of Lecture no: 03

	<title>Lecture N0 03</title>
	<table border="1">
			<th>Student Name</th>
			<th>Roll No</th>
			<td>Muhammad Ali</td>
			<td>Muhammad Ahmad</td>
<marquee direction="right" scrollamount="20">Once there lived a poor greedy man in village.</marquee>
<p align="center">Once there lived a poor greedy man in village. He had no means of earning. One day he bought a hen. Hen lays a golden eggs daily. Man was very happy. He sold that egg and earn money. He became rich in months. He thought to be rich at once. He killed the hen for eggs. When he opened the hen, there was not a single egg in it.</p>
<img src="C:\Users\Muhammad Kaleem\Desktop\Online Rozgaar\haste-makes-waste.png" width="500px" height="200px">

Output Image

How to create Table, Paragraph, Marquee and their properties output image

Watch Complete video of Lecture No: 03

How to create Table, Paragraph, Marquee and their properties.

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