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Fully Funded Dubai Summer Internships

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Fully Funded Dubai Summer Internships. Dubai is providing fully funded internships. Without taking the IELTS exam, summer internships are available. This will be a paid internship in Dubai. The main airline corporations in the United Arab Emirates, Emirates, FlyDubai, Emirate, and Etihad, are sponsoring these internship programmes.

You’ll get the chance to work with and interact with some of Dubai’s most prestigious companies. This is a fantastic opportunity for international students who want to work in Dubai immediately.

  1. Emaar Group Internship
  2. Emirates Group Internship in Dubai
  3. Jumeirah Group Internship,
  4. FlyDubai Airlines Internships
  5. Etihad Airways Internships
  6. Microsoft Internship Dubai

A chance to work in one of the world’s most popular cities. You will meet individuals from all around the world in Dubai. It is the most visited tourist attraction. Throughout the internship, participants will be assigned various roles and tasks under the supervision of company personnel. It is not necessary for you to take the IELTS or any other language exam. They are only going to do an interview.

This is one of Dubai’s best summertime opportunities. Dubai has beautiful beaches, a busy nightlife, and plenty of work opportunities. A fantastic destination to visit during your summer vacation. According to the survey, an intern’s average monthly wage in Dubai is AED 3,368.

List of Dubai Summer Internships

FlyDubai Airlines Internships

Another major government-owned airline in Dubai is FlyDubai. FlyDubai offers internships in the aviation business to overseas students. The internship program lasts 10 weeks and is headquartered in Dubai.

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Emirates Airlines Internship

International students can apply for an internship with the Emirates Group or Emaraat. The internship is for a period of six months. This internship program offers a diverse range of subjects and majors.

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Etihad Airways Internships

Working at Etihad Airways will transport you all around the globe. Are you ready to fly with Etihad? Etihad is a well-known Dubai-based corporation. In Abu Dhabi, the Etihad Group offers international students a 10-week internship. Internships are provided in a variety of departments.

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Microsoft Internship Dubai

Microsoft offers several internship programs each year, and for the first time, they are giving an internship in Dubai. This is a 5-month internship program in Dubai for freshly graduated students. These Dubai Summer Internships are open to international students.

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Tesla Internship in UAE

Tesla offers paid internships to international students that are completely sponsored and last for three months. Tesla has internship programs that pay well. Internships are available in a variety of fields.

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Jumeirah Group Internship

Another of Dubai’s largest groups in Jumeirah. In our hotel operations and corporate office, the Jumeirah Group offers six-month internships. Please browse the careers website for current internship opportunities.

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Emirates Group Internship in Dubai

Discover a universe of possibilities. The Emirates Group provides a diverse range of job opportunities. Undergraduate students will be offered an exclusive one-semester internship with the Emirates Group.

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Emaar Group Internship

Emaar provides a diverse range of work possibilities. Emaar’s greatest asset is its people. Emaar Group has positions available in a variety of sectors, including Commercial, Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, and more. There are many job opportunities in Dubai for international students.

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