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Fiverr Seller taxes Details

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Fiverr Seller taxes Details. As per our Terms of Service, sellers are responsible for handling their local taxes. However, Fiverr can issue a yearly statement of earnings. An alternative is for sellers to issue invoices to Fiverr in order to declare their earned revenues to their local tax authorities. In this article, learn about how Fiverr manages earnings statements and invoices.

 Statement of Earnings

Fiverr can issue a “Statement of Earnings” upon request. 

Creating Fiverr Business Account – Freelancer and agency FAQ

Note: This document can only be issued for completed years (for example, January – December 2019) and it cannot be issued for shorter periods or for single months (for example, January – June 2020, or just June 2020).

Fiverr Seller taxes Details
Fiverr Seller taxes Details

 To request a Statement of Earnings:

Please reach out to our Support Team with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Years for which the statement is to be issued

 Invoices for your Earned Revenues

Fiverr does not issue invoices for sellers, nor do sellers have buyer’s billing information to issue invoices for the purchases made from their Gig.  However, you as a Fiverr seller can issue invoices to Fiverr to report your earned revenues to the tax authorities.

The invoices can be made out using the information below, and they can be sent to our Support Team or they can be mailed to the physical address listed below:

  • Fiverr International Ltd
  • 8 Eliezar Kaplan st.
  • TelAviv, Israel 6473409
  • VAT ID: 558327284
  • Company Number: 514440874
  • Withheld Tax File: 917369274+B85
  • Consol. Business number: 558327284

 For Sellers located in Israel

Sellers who request a VAT refund from Fiverr must follow these instructions:

Note: Some of the names are written in Hebrew as the documents have local names.

  • You need to issue a tax invoice to Fiverr that includes the VAT and a digital signature. Once it’s ready, please send it to our Support Team.
  • You are also required to submit the following documents:
    • אישור ניכוי מס במקור (approval for withdrawing tax)
    • A copy of a check / an official approval by the bank on the existence of a bank account
    • אישור על ניהול ספרים

Note: These details can be copied via the ticket, and do not need to be original.

  • In your request to Support, please specify your preferred method for Fiverr to send the VAT, choose from either:
    • Wire transfer
    • PayPal 

Fiverr’s information when issuing an invoice

 פייבר אינטרנשיונל בע”מ ח.פ.514440874
רח׳ קפלן 8, תל אביב

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