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Fiverr Direct deposits Method

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Fiverr Direct deposits Method. Note: Direct deposits are only available to sellers who live in the U.S. If you’re a seller with a US bank account but live outside the US, direct deposit is not available to you. All direct deposits are powered by Payoneer.

 Making a direct deposit

  1. Log in > Earnings 
  2. Under “Withdraw” > Bank Transfer
  3. Verification pop-up > Choose your preferred method (SMS/Call)
  4. Redirect to email > Click on the link received
  5. Payoneer landing page opens > Get Started
  6. Complete the Payoneer account setup process, and if you have an existing account, connect it

Deposit details

You will be charged $1 per withdrawal made, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.
Note: You can’t use Fiverr’s Revenue Card and Direct Deposit at the same time. Learn more with bank transfers.

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Note: Applies to credit card and bank transfers.

  1. Where can I view my payment & transaction history?
    Payoneer’s Activity menu stores all this information.  Watch this tutorial to learn more. 
  2. How can I withdraw funds to my bank account?
    Withdraw your funds and manage your withdrawal methods from the Earnings page. Watch this tutorial to learn more. 
  3. Where can I view reports of my payment status?
    Find this info in Payoneer’s Transactions menu—under Activity. See this tutorial for more.
  4. How do I obtain an official statement of transfer from Payoneer?
    Contact Payoneer’s customer care. For more information, see this tutorial.
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