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B.A B.Sc Guess Psychology Papers A and B|BZU Multan

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B.A B.Sc Guess Psychology Papers A and B|BZU Multan. BZU BA/BSc All Topics Essential Questions for BZU Multan Annual Examination 2019. Right here you can even discover Essential Query of B.A/BSc Psychology for annual examination.

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B.A B.Sc Guess Psychology Papers A/B|BZU Multan
B.A B.Sc Guess Psychology Papers

Essential Query are Given Under

Query No:1 Nafsiyat Ki Mukhtalif Tareefein Aur Iski Wusaat
Query No:2 Guestalit Maktaba Fikr Ka Tanqeedi Jaiza Aur Tehleel Nafsi
Query No:3 Hejan Sy Kia Murad Hai Aur Langhy Ky Nazria Hijanat
Query No:4 Idrak Ki Tareef Aur Masharti Awamil Ka Un Pr Asr.

Query No:5 Sarway Ka Tareeka Kar Aur Nafsiyat Meinb Uski Ahmiyat
Query No:6 Insani Ankh Aur Kan Ki Sakht Aur Awamil
Query No:7 Amozish Ki Tareef Aur Isky Moasar Tareeky Aur Classical Aur Alati Amozish Ky Drmiyan Fark
Query No:8 Hafzy Ky Three Bunyadi Awamil.

Query No:9 Shaksiyat Ki Tareef Aur Iski Tazleeli Takneeks
Query No:10 Fikr Ki Tareef Aur Hakeeqi Aur Tehqeeki Fikr Ki Wazahat

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BA/BSc Psychology B

  1. Outline psychological check clarify TAT and Rorschach ink blot tets.
  2. Traits of instructor and learner
  3. Weschler and Simon binet intelligence scales
  4. Developmental technique and side of growth.
  5. Nervousness problems.
  6. Outline perspective clarify formation of attitudes.
  7. Clarify Psychoanalysis.
  8. Clarify Standardization, reliability and validity.
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