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9th Class Computer Guess for Annual Examination

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ninth Class Pc Guess for Annual Examination. Right here you can find Vital quick query and Vital Lengthy query guess for ninth class annual examination of all boards.

Vital Quick Questions of ninth Class Pc Guess

Chapter 1

  • Varieties Of Pc
  • Work Of Van Numen
  • Advantages Of Transistor
  • Definition Of Machine Language
  • Outline Pc
  • What Is Abacus?
  • What Is A Pc Program
  • Clarify Minicomputer
  • Excessive-Degree Language
  • Outline Analog Pc

Chapter 2

  • What Are Enter Gadgets
  • Outline USB Port.
  • What Is System Unit?
  • Outline Port.
  • Distinction Between The Serial Port And Parallel Port.
  • Outline Pc {Hardware}
  • What Is Knowledge Bus.

Chapter 3

  • What Is Mouse?
  • What Is A Joystick?
  • What Is Meant By Decision Of The Monitor?
  • Distinction Between Gentle Copy And Arduous Copy
  • Work of Non-Impression Printer.
  • What Is Keyboard?
  • What Is Microphone?
  • Distinction Between CD-RW And CD-R

ninth Class Math Vital Guess

Chapter 4

  • Why DRAM Makes use of Extra Power?
  • Distinction Between DRAM And SRAM
  • What Is Major Reminiscence?
  • What Is Cache Reminiscence?
  • What Do You Know About ROM?
  • -What Is Secondary Reminiscence?
  • What Is The Distinction Between ROM And RAM?

ninth Chemistry Guess Annual Examination

Vital Lengthy Questions

  1. Kinds of Pc
  2. Word Mainframe Pc And Tremendous Pc
  3. 2nd And third Technology Of Pc
  4. Write A Word On System Bus.
  5. Write A Word On RAM And ROM
  6. Write A Notes On Varied Ports
  7. Write A Word On CPU
  8. Write A Word On Varied Varieties Of Screens.
  9. Classification Of Pc
  10. System Bus
  11. Ports
  12. Mouse, Scanner, Observe Ball
  13. Varieties Of Monitor
  14. Varieties Of Printers Laser Printer, Plotters
  15. Storage Gadgets Arduous Disk, Floppy Disk.
  16. Varieties Of Knowledge
  17. System Codes.

Physics Guess of ninth Class for Annual Examination

Additionally Learn the next with extra curiosity

  • Outline The Pc
  • Abacus
  • Van Newman Idea
  • Programming Languages
  • Low-Degree / Excessive-Degree Language
  • Varieties Of Translator
  • EDP
  • Pc {Hardware}
  • Varieties Of Software program
  • CU
  • Enter / Output Gadgets
  • Gentle Copy
  • Arduous Copy
  • Monitor
  • Simulation
  • Video Controller
  • Differentiate Between RAM, SRAM, DRAM
  • Varieties Of ROM
  • Knowledge Charge
  • Search Time
  • Excessive / Low Degree Formatting
  • Outline Knowledge And Data
  • Varieties Of System Code
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Supply Code And Object Code
  • Exterior Command And Inner Command
  • Icon, Folder, File Extension, Options Of Home windows
  • Differentiate Virus And Antivirus.
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